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Here you’ll discover unique insights and tools in your pursuit of the best weight loss pills, diet supplements and slimming capsules. We are a trusted resource for women and men in South Africa.

We check with nutritionists, dietitians and health journalists to bring you in-depth reviews on weight-loss products, specific diets, slimming products and equipment. 

Guiding Principles

Our view on dieting and weight loss, backed by abundant scientific research, is that weight loss success is all about maintaining a reasonable diet and by putting into practice a set of long-term habits. Most people looking to lose weight are taught to count calories, which engages the dieter in a losing battle with his or her biology. It’s also why most of dieters gain weight back after a few years.

Dieting success is all about eating a reasonable diet and putting into practice a set of long-term patterns and habits.

Research shows losing weight and keeping it off is much more about reducing highly processed foods, and increasing exercise and a healthy lifestyle. As it turns out, dieting success is not about increasing your willpower, counting calories or eating low-fat foods.

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