Review Guidelines

The purpose of our reviews is to inform our readers about:

(1) The new and existing weight loss pills and programs designed to help people lose weight safely.

(2) Various benefits, including ingredients, quality, customer reviews, price, side effects, and where to purchase 

(3) Weight loss products that are similar to the slimming pills

(4) The benefits and safety of each ingredient.

(5) Whether the weight loss products has another other features or benefits not known.

(6) Any scams, product recalls, or fraudulent activity associated with the weight loss pills.

(7) What visitors and users around the web are saying about the product.

 It should be noted these are only a set of guidelines. The degree to which each reviewer adheres to these guidelines depends on a range of factors, including that person’s unique research methodology and writing style, as well as the type of product or program the person is reviewing.

Potential Side Effects

We look closely at the specific product ingredients as well as the amounts of each ingredient in order to determine possible side effects. 

Ingredient Research

The purity and quantity of each ingredient in the weight loss pills are critical to revealing whether the product delivers on the claims made.

Customer Experience

Is the customer experience in line with product claims? How do users rate their experiences? Our review of customer experience is not limited to good or bad. We examine a broad range of reviews and report them.

Collaboration Medical Experts

It is always a good sign if the product has collaborated with licensed nutritionists, dietitians or doctors to develop their product.

Success Stories

We look favorably upon companies that offer customer review and testimonials as well as before/after photos to support the effectiveness of their slimming pills.


What is the cost of the weight loss product? How does that cost compare to that of competitors weight loss products?

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